Firefighters save scared baby raccoon trapped in tree

Firefighters do so much for their communities, humans and animals alike. When an animal gets themself stuck in a tricky situation, these heroes can always be counted on to save the day.

That was the case recently, when firefighters arrived to save a trapped raccoon when no one else could.

On November 7, San Francisco Animal Care & Control received a call after neighbors heard loud cries and screams, and discovered it was coming from a baby raccoon who had become wedged in the V split of a large tree.

The SFACC was unable to get the trapped animal out themselves, and contacted the San Francisco Fire Department for help.


Firefighters from Truck 18 arrived on the scene, and were able to reach the raccoon.

After freeing him, the baby animal clung to the firefighters, knowing they had just saved his life.


According to a Twitter thread posted by the department, they fittingly named the raccoon “Freedom.”

He is now in the care of SFACC, who will look after him—”with a few new friends who will always be there if needed,” the firefighters wrote.


Thank you to these firefighters for saving this raccoon! We can tell this little guy appreciated it. Share this inspiring story!