Heroic cat fights off two coyotes to save family dog from attack — watch the video

Cats and dogs are stereotypically thought of as sworn enemies, as in old sayings like “fighting like cats and dogs,” but many pet owners will tell you that these animals can actually get along great and be best friends.

And they have each other’s backs when things get dangerous. That was the case recently, when one cat fought off two coyotes to save her doggy sister.

Lane Dyer, of Edmond, Oklahoma, is the owner of two pets, a little white 6-year-old Havanese dog named Oakley, and a black cat named Binx, who showed up as a stray when she was two months old, according to KFOR.


Dyer told the outlet that the two animals were “polar opposites,” but still got along like family — a bond that was proven recently when one got into a life-threatening entanglement.

On November 30, Oakley was let out into the yard to use the bathroom, when suddenly a coyote appeared and attacked the little dog. Oakley was overpowered by the wild animal, and when a second coyote showed up it seemed like Oakley was doomed.

But then, an unlikely hero stepped up to save the day: Binx darted towards the coyotes, scaring them off from their attack and causing them to retreat.

Watch the unbelievable moment here:

Oakley was left in bad shape from the ordeal, and was reportedly “gushing blood” from her chest and side.

The Dyers rushed her to the nearby hospital; while vets initially thought they might have to amputate the dog’s leg, but thankfully the limb was saved.


With Oakley on her way to a full recovery, the owners looked at the security tape and discovered their cat’s life-saving heroism. Lane Dyer called the rescue “the craziest thing ever” and was proud of Binx for saving her doggy sibling.

“I was kind of inspired by it, quite frankly,” he told KFOR. “It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off.”

We’re so glad Oakley is safe and alive, all thanks to his heroic cat sibling Binx! Thank you for taking on these wild coyotes and saving the day!

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