Dalmatians fight off pack of 4 coyotes to protect their dog walker

It’s amazing how protective dogs can be. They’ll step up to protect their friends from danger, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way.

That was the case recently when two heroic Dalmatians stepped up to protect their dog walker from a pack of wild coyotes.

Last Wednesday, dog walker Josstin Lantadilla was walking two Dalmatians named Deanna and Tasha near their apartment in Boston, according to WBZ. Suddenly, Deanna began acting strangely and jumped backward.


Alarmed, Josstin looked behind him and realized what Deanna was reacting to: there was a pack of four coyotes behind them.

The coyotes were aggressive and lunged at the dogs, but the Dalmatians stood their ground, instinctively protecting their dog walker. Deanna reportedly bit one of the coyotes in the neck, resulting in the wild animals retreating.

“Deanna grabbed him from the side of the neck and shaked his neck one time and I tried to kick him, I kicked him,” Josstin recalled.


Everyone was safe, and thankfully the dogs were unharmed in the stand-off The Dalmatians’ owner Jane Friedlander said she wasn’t surprised, as the dogs had faced off with coyotes before, and the local coyotes have recently been getting more aggressive.

She also noted that the breed is known for their protective instincts, with their history as guard dogs and carriage dogs.

“They’re meant to drive away coyotes, wolves, foxes, rabbits, anything that would bother a stable or horses,” Jane told WBZ.

Josstin agreed, and says he knows the dogs were looking out for him.

What brave dalmatians! Thank you for protecting your dog walker! Please share this amazing news! ❤️