Casper, dog who fought off coyotes to protect his flock of sheep, nominated for “Farm Dog of the Year”

Last year, we reported on a heroic dog named Casper, who put himself in harm’s way by fighting off a pack of wild coyotes to save his flock of sheep.

After inspiring people around the world, this dog is up for a major honor — and his owner is asking the public for their votes.

Last November, a pack of coyotes appeared at a home in Decatur, Georgia and went after the owner’s sheep, 11Alive reported. Homeowner John Wierwille said he was initially able to scare them off, but the coyotes came back later that night.

But thankfully, his Great Pyrenees livestock herding dog Casper was there and ready to defend the flock against the attacking coyotes.


After the coyotes got into the pen, Casper put up a fierce defense. The animals fought for 30 minutes, and Casper reportedly killed 8 coyotes. The remaining coyotes then fled and Casper took off after them, leading the owner to originally believe he died in the battle.

He later found Casper, alive but seriously wounded. Casper suffered serious injuries to his back and neck, and also lost his tail.

“He looked like death, I mean he looked terrible,” John told 11Alive. “He came back home and he just kind of looked at me like ‘boss stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me.’”

While vets and the family were initially unsure if Casper would survive, the brave dog pulled through. “He’s lucky to be alive,” said Dr. Susan Brosman of LifeLine Animal Project. “He’s a hero for sure,” she added.

Casper is definitely a hero, selflessly putting himself in harm’s way to protect his flock. Over the past year, his story has inspired dog lovers everywhere.

Months after his recovery, Casper is now up for a major honor: he’s nominated in American Farm Bureau’s “Farm Dog of the Year: People’s Choice Pup” contest.

The contest is decided by popular vote online, and John Wierwille is hoping people will come together and help his hero dog get the title. “We think he deserves that sort of recognition and all the treats and praise that go with it,” the he wrote on Facebook.

Votes can be made once per day, and voting continues til December 20. Votes can be made here. The winner will be announced next month. “Make this a reminder on your electronic calendar, put up sticky notes around the house, tie strings to your fingers and toes, and vote early and often!” John wrote.

Casper is a brave, incredible dog, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor! We wish him and his family the best in this contest!

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