Firefighters save tiny kitten trapped inside a wall after 20 minute rescue operation

A family who lives in western Sydney, Australia recently found themselves searching their home high and low for the source of a soft meowing sound.

Without having much luck, they contacted Fire and Rescue NSW.

Since rescue crews weren’t able to spot the culprit either, they used a thermal imaging camera to look inside the homeowner’s walls.


Finally, they found the source of the meowing. A tiny ginger kitten that had become stuck inside the house’s walls.

Once crews located the kitten they carefully cut away a small window for the kitten to escape.

It took a little coaxing, but eventually they were able to pull the little guy to safety.

After a reported 20-minute rescue, the little kitten was safe and sound with its owner.

Thank you to the rescue crew for finding this little guy and saving him! You are heroes!

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