Firefighters save the life of barn owl burned in California wildfire

In recent months, firefighters have been hard at work battling the historic wildfires spreading throughout California.

These fires have spread thousands of acres, destroying property and displacing many people from their homes. But occasionally we get a glimmer of hope in this bad situation—like the many animals who have been saved from these fires.

From pets to wildlife, these creatures miraculously survived the fires and are now getting a second chance, like one owl who was saved from the Silverado Fire.


Firefighters on the scene discovered the barn owl. According to The Dodo, the bird’s feathers had been burned leaving it unable to fly.

The owl would’ve likely died if no one had come to save it. But the firefighters scooped it up in a coat and carried it to safety.

They wrapped the owl in their vehicle and got him into safe hands. “He’s safe and sound and currently with animal control,” the department wrote on Facebook.


The owl was transferred to the Orange County Bird of Prey Center, who thanked the “quick acting firefighters” for saving his life.

The owl will stay at the center for several months while he molts his feathers, but they report that he is “quite feisty,” which is a good sign.

“This is why we do what we do,” they wrote, sharing a video of the healthy owl in their care.

Thank you to these firefighters for saving this poor owl! We hope he makes a quick recovery!

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