Rescuers discover a tiny puppy in wreckage of California wildfire

Rescuers discover a tiny puppy in wreckage of California wildfire

We’re devastated by the historic wildfires that have been going on in California, and our thoughts are with all the victims of its destruction.

But even in the wake of a disaster, sometimes there’s a glimmer of hope. One rescue team had some rare good news when they found an unexpected survivor amongst the wreckage.

A few days ago, the Butte County Sheriff Office’s Search and Rescue team searched through properties destroyed by wildfires.

But at one home in Berry Creek, they discovered a survivor in the wreckage: a tiny puppy.

The puppy was scared and had some minor burns, but was otherwise okay.

The rescue team nicknamed the dog “Trooper,” and his rescue gave them some much-needed good news during a very difficult time, calling it an “unexpected and welcomed discovery.”

“These last several days have been hard on our entire county and we thought we would share a positive story today,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

As much as people try to save their pets when disaster strikes, sometimes you just don’t have enough time to get them all. The rescue team says the family could not find the puppy and had to evacuate as the fires rapidly spread.

It could’ve easily been a heartbreaking story, but miraculously Trooper lived to see another day.

He was picked up by Animal Control, and then transferred to a veterinary center to be checked out.

The wildfires are a heartbreaking situation, but there is at least a glimmer of good news. We’re glad this puppy has survived and hope he’s reunited with his family soon! Share this uplifting story!