Heroic horse runs back towards California wildfire to find his family

In recent days California has been devastated by over a dozen wildfires spreading through the state, putting lives and property in danger. Thousands of residents have had to evacuate their homes.

One of the incidents is the Easy fire in Simi Valley. According to ABC 7, the fast-moving blaze spread to 1,723 acres and put 6,500 homes in immediate danger, with 30,000 people leaving under mandatory evacuation.

But an unlikely hero has become the face of bravery in the face of this crisis: a horse who went back into the fire to save his family.

As ranches in the area were under threat of the incoming fires and had to be evacuated, thoroughbred horses were led out and away from danger down the highway.

But one thoroughbred wouldn’t go. He suddenly turned around and raced back into the danger zone, dramatic video shows.


So why did he do it? Because he wanted to be sure no one was left behind.

The horse arrives back at the ranch, and is relieved to see two other horses—including a baby horse—running out. He turns around and flees to safety with them.


The incredible sight went viral after it was posted by Twitter user Rex Chapman. It has currently been viewed over 10 million times.

We don’t know much about the horse or his relationship to the ones he went back for, but it does resemble a father going back to save his wife and child from danger.

Horses are considered to be very sociable and family-oriented, so it is possible. Or the horse sensed that his fellow horses were left behind and instincts kicked in.

Everyone is praising the horse as a hero: “Not all heroes wear capes,” Chapman wrote.

The story is a light in the darkness, an inspiring sight amidst a chaotic time for California.

We hope that everyone stays safe, rescue workers continue their great work, and that people (and horses) remain united with their families.

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