Neglected horse was ‘skin and bones’ before he met 3-year-old Golden Retriever

When Sammy was found wandering the streets in South Carolina in July 2018, he was in poor shape. The silver dapple mini horse had been neglected and you could see his bones.

Darlene Kindle of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance received a call about Sammy and decided to take a chance on the neglected horse despite being advised to euthanize the horse.

“We score horses on a scale of one to ten, he was a two. Approximately four-six years old with possible a birth defect on his hind,” Darlene told WBTV.

Darlene asked the vet who was treating Sammy if the silver dapple mini horse had the will to live, and he immediately said yes. So, she took him to her rescue in North Carolina.

There Sammy met Darlene’s Golden Retriever Molly. Even though Sammy was traumatized and had a host of medical issues, the three-year-old Golden Retriever approached the horse and in a moment that was caught on camera and later went viral, Molly comforted Sammy.

Molly, who Darlene has described as “your typical Walmart greeter,” has shown an appreciation for all of the animals on the farm, but has formed an unlikely friendship with Sammy.

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