Best Friends: Miniature horse and goose looking for new home

Are you interested in adopting a miniature horse? Well, there’s currently an adorable one named Waffles at the Bucks County SPCA and the six-year-old will soon be ready for a new home.

But there’s a catch.

In addition to adopting Waffles, you’ll need to adopt the horse’s best friend, Hemingway. Hemingway is a goose.

“We have them in the barn together and one of the staff observed one day that Hemingway was leaning his head in and kind of had his neck wrapped over Waffle’s shoulder,” Cindy Kelly, a spokeswoman for the Bucks County SPCA, told “Good Morning America.” “It was very sweet.”

The miniature horse and goose were rescued along with two peacocks and a dozen ducks from “really filthy, unsanitary conditions.” They arrived at the Pennsylvania SPCA with their unusual names and even more unusual friendship.

When Waffles arrived, the horse had a minor infection. Staff quickly noticed Hemingway’s protective behavior towards his friend.

“When we go to give medicines or injections, Hemingway would get in between and say, ‘I’m sorry that’s my buddy the horse. He doesn’t want a shot today,'” Linda Reider, also with the Bucks County SPCA, said according to CNN.

“What’s important with animals in a shelter setting is minimizing stress,” Cindy said. “You don’t want to separate animals like this because they really have a bond.”

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The Bucks County SPCA is currently accepting applications for our new celebrities: Waffles and Hemingway! Many of you have seen these two in the news and we are overjoyed with the amount of support and interest we have received. If you are interested, please submit your application on our website: We will call chosen applicants for a meet and greet at our Quakertown Shelter once they are cleared for adoption by our vet team. We have received a lot of interest for these best buddies and appreciate your patience as we go through applications. #buckscountyspca #adopt #adoptdontshop #adoption #adoptersareheroes #wafflesandhemingway #bff #unusualfriends #unlikelyanimalfriends #goose #minihorse

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Although Waffles and Hemingway aren’t up for adoption yet – Waffles still needs to recover – but once they are the SPCA will be accepting applications for those who wish to give these two unlikely friends a new home.

While they will consider all applications, those who live in an area that is zoned for animals and have experience with farm animals will be looked at first.

Can you provide these adorable friends a loving home?

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