Man punches horse for spilling his beer during drunken fight

Sometimes people get a little too drunk and start getting rowdy. Anyone who’s spent some nights at a bar has probably seen a fight or two break out.

But one drunken brawl at a state fair went too far, harming four police officers resulting in a horse being punched over spilled beer.

On July 21, Stanislaus County in California was holding their county fair. Sunday was the last and biggest night of the event. All was going smoothly… until about 10 pm, when an altercation broke out at a beer booth, which was trying to close 45 minutes early.

“It was a busy night so they may have run out so they were letting people know there are other beer booths open,” fair spokesperson Adrenna Alkhas told CBS Sacramento.

Responding to the scene, officers from the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department saw a group of drunk men instigating fights, one of whom was wearing gang attire.

“They appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and they were being asked to leave,” Stanislaus County Sheriff Spokesperson Josh Clayton said.

One of the suspects then struck a deputy, and a fight ensued.

The brawl lasted 30 seconds, escalating as members of the crowd got involved. The mounted police were brought in to barrier the crowd from the fight with their horses.

One fairgoer was knocked over by a police horse, Maximus. “This subject got back up and was upset his beer had spilled,” the sheriff’s department wrote in a Facebook post.

He retaliated against the horse by punching him in the rear.

Five people were arrested, including the horse puncher. Four officers sustained minor injuries in the brawl.

As for poor Maximus, he’s doing okay now. The department posted a photo of him with a bandaid and teddy bear, eating alfalfa. They said he will make a “full recovery.”

“Maximus is still committed to serving justice and will not be dissuaded in his efforts,” the department wrote.

***Horse Punched at Fair, Expected to Make a Full Recovery***Last night at the Stanislaus County Fair at about 10 p.m….

Posted by Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office on Monday, July 22, 2019

He took a hit in the line of duty, but it was all in the effort of keeping the fair safe and running smoothly. The fair reportedly continued after the fight.

“It was the last day of fair and we wanted people to enjoy themselves and they did because our sheriff’s department handled it so well,” Alkhas told CBS Sacramento. “They escorted them out and people were still here enjoying themselves.”

“Overall, the fair has been a safe and family friendly event with only minor incidents,” the sheriff’s department wrote.

Hopefully next year’s fair will be just as smooth, with no one recreating any scenes from Blazing Saddles:

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