Kitten who looks like Baby Yoda gets rescued from California wildfires

The recent wildfires in California have caused historic devastation in the area, claiming lives, destroying property and displacing thousands from their homes.

But even in all this chaos, people are still looking for stories of hope. Some of the most inspiring news has been about animals miraculously surviving the fires.

Now another one of these survivors has been found… and she has a strong resemblance to a certain alien from a galaxy far, far away:

Facebook/Butte County, California

Yes, with her pointy ears and adorable face, this kitten looks like “Baby Yoda,” the fan favorite character from Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian.

According to a post by North Valley Animal Disaster Group, the kitten, just two or three weeks old, was found by two firefighters on their route and took her to Cal Oak Animal Shelter to be taken care of.

“She came in covered in smoke and ash and was immediately examined by our vet,” North Valley Animal Disaster Group wrote.

Introducing Baby Yoda! Thank you, North Valley Animal Disaster Group, for another uplifting story of survival. #northcomplexfire

Posted by Butte County, California on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The firefighters who found her were responding to the North Complex fire, which has destroyed 304,000 acres and has been active for 37 days. It is currently 78% contained.

Saving the “Baby Yoda” kitten was a rare bright spot during this terrible situation. The kitten is currently being looked after, and the rescue is looking for a medical foster who can continue to care for her.

We’re so glad this kitten is safe. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the California wildfires, and all the heroes continuing to help those in need.

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