Cat named Smokey miraculously survives wildfire that destroyed whole town

The recent wildfires in California have caused historic destruction and displaced many families. In the face of this tragedy the victims and rescue teams have been searching for stories of hope.

And much of the good news has been about animals miraculously surviving the fires—like one cat who emerged from a particularly badly-hit area.

A wildfire called the Holiday Farm Fire has swept through Oregon, destroying hundreds of homes and buildings across over 170,000 acres.

A crew member lights off grass and brush along the road to reduce fuels and create a more defendable control line.Photo on 9-13-2020

Posted by Holiday Farm Fire on Thursday, September 17, 2020

But in the aftermath of one fire in Blue River, an Oregon State Police Trooper found a survivor in the wreckage: a cat!

The lucky feline was fittingly nicknamed “Smokey.” He appears to be covered in ash and a bit scuffed up, but doesn’t appear to have any serious injuries or burns.

A Facebook post says he even got a “VIP ride in a Trooper car to the vet’s office.”

This lucky little kitty was rescued from the Blue River area by an Oregon State Police Trooper who came across the cat…

Posted by Holiday Farm Fire on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It isn’t clear who the cat belongs to, or if he’s been reunited with them yet. If he has a family, it’s possible that they had to evacuate before being able to save the cat.

The small town of Blue River was virtually destroyed by the wildfire.

“Literally the whole town of Blue River is totally leveled, so three of our houses and our business, the fire station, the post office, the local clinic,” fire department lietenant Samantha Winningham told Today.

“And we’re in a really small community, so a lot of our close family friends [lost their homes] too. It’s all gone.”

Despite the mass destruction, there have been no casualties in the town. The rescue team can take solace in the fact that even the cat survived.

“Everyone in our town made it out and alive and safe,” Winningham said. “We might not have been able to save the structures but we were able to save the people. So at least we have that.”

We’re so glad Smokey survived, and everyone in this badly-hit community is safe. We wish them all a fast recovery!

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