Australian firefighters pose for calendar with rescue animals, raise money for wildlife after bushfires

Every year, firefighters around the world pose for wall calendars for charity. It’s a fun, cheeky tradition that helps raise money for great causes — while giving patrons some hunky photos to ogle at all year round.

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has been released annually for 28 years, showcasing some of Australia’s finest (and fittest.) They have raised over 3 million dollars for charities.

But this year, months after bushfires ravaged the continent, the calendar has a special cause: helping Australian wildlife affected by the fires.

“No one was left unaffected watching our precious wildlife trying to escape from the bushfires, and the loss of wildlife is beyond comprehension,” said David Rogers, the calendar’s director, in a press release.

“Everyone at the Australian Firefighters Calendar decided that all our efforts needed to be focussed on Australian Wildlife this year.”

The 2021 calendar is available in six different editions, including a new “Hero” calendar that honors the firefighters who battled the wildfires, and an “Animal Lovers” edition that showcases Australian wildlife.

As in previous years, the calendars will also feature local rescue dogs and cats.

“[Local refuge charities] will bring dogs, puppies, kittens and cats,” Rogers told Bored Panda. “We also use therapy horses who have helped autistic children and adults suffering from mental illness.”

“And we use Australian Wildlife from the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary. Ducklings, alpacas, goats, and lams, we have every animal you can think of at the photoshoot.”

For some, it’s even an opportunity to find a forever home: “We have had firefighters adopt puppies and kittens from the photoshoot,” Rogers said.

This year, they also asked the public to bring in their own rescue pets. Proceeds from the calendars will support organizations like Safe Haven Animal Rescue and All Breeds Canine Rescue.

Every year, the calendar goes a long way in helping to support Australian fire departments. They say that last year’s calendar helped provide equipment that was invaluable during the fires.

“The support from the donations the calendar provided were vital through the bushfires, supplies were very limited and the injection of funds from the calendar helped save many animals,” said Dr Michael Pyne, head vet of Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

But this year’s calendar is sure to go even further in directly supporting these heroic fire departments and the animal victims of the fire.

The six 2021 calendars are available for sale here! It’s a great way to support these great causes.

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