Sports commentator is out-of-work due to coronavirus — so he narrates his dogs’ eating races instead

We’re all continuing to deal with the fallout of the coronavirus epidemic. It’s hit many of our jobs—while some people can work from home, social distancing rules have forced some industries to close altogether leaving people out of work.

That includes every sporting event, from the NBA to the Olympics. So what do you do if your whole job relies on watching sports? You make one up at home!

That’s what one commentator did with the help of his puppies, in a hilarious video that’s delighting the internet.

Andrew Cotter is a sports commentator for the BBC, who covers events like golf, rugby and tennis.

With no sports to commentate on, Cotter got “bored” and found a way to work on his skills while in self-isolation: he commentated his dogs’ “race” to scarf down their bowls of food:

With the same voice and level of professional analysis he uses at the BBC, Cotter provides insights about the “contrast in styles” between his lab Mabel and his black lab Olive.

Mabel is the more carefree competitor, wagging her tail and taking her time, while Olive is true speed-eater: “focused, relentless, tasting absolutely nothing.”


In the end 7-year-old Olive retakes the title from the younger competitor in a runaway, but both are good sports.

“Great rivals but great friends,” Cotter says.


That tweeted video has now been viewed nearly eight million times!

Like Cotter many people are feeling bored with social distancing and no sports, so the great puppy race has given people something to enjoy.

“I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s rematch,” one Twitter user replied.

Way to make the best of a bad situation! It’s one of the many ways people have found ways to do what they love while stuck at home.

With everything going on we all need a laugh, and this video is delighting animal and sports lovers alike. Share this funny story!