Dog injures his tail after getting overexcited at his family being home during quarantine

Dog injures his tail after getting overexcited at his family being home during quarantine

Getting through the day healthy and with enough food becomes our main priority amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Staying healthy means staying away from people, especially the more vulnerable members of our society and as more places close we’re all forced to spend more time at home.

This can be daunting for most of us as we can’t see an end to it all and a time when our lives can return to normal. But spending more time at home together is something of a blessing for our animals.

Dogs who are normally left home alone while their humans work are thrilled that everyone is now home. One dog has even injured his tail wagging it so much with excitement.

Rolo the Dachshund (sausage dog) has loved his family being on lockdown so much he’s sprained his tail from wagging it too much, according to his owner Emma Smith.

Emma posted the news on Twitter and helped offer light relief to all of us feeling anxious about the events surrounding us, not that there’s anything amusing about a dog spraining his tail, but we appreciate his happiness.

“So my dog has been so happy that everyone is home for quarantine, that his tail has stopped working, so we went to the vet and the vet said ‘he had sprained his tail from excessively wagging it,'” Emma wrote on Twitter.

Her post has received over one million likes and hundreds of thousands of shares.

Thankfully Rolo’s injuries hasn’t dampened his spirits and from the update video Emma posted he’s still just as happy surrounded by his family.

“For those asking, he is currently on pain relief and the vet said he should be healed within a week, this is him on the 2nd day. He is super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift it up in the air,” Emma wrote.

Emma has even set up an Instagram account where we can follow Rolo’s recovery, back to his excited self.

We can all learn from Rolo and appreciate the extra family time we wouldn’t normally get, hopefully without any injuries.

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