'At least we have dogs!' Reese Witherspoon shares precious photo of her cuddly dog during COVID-19 isolation

‘At least we have dogs!’ Reese Witherspoon shares precious photo of her cuddly dog during COVID-19 isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to stay inside in self-isolation to stay safe and prevent further spread.

It can be hard to feel cooped up in your house every day, but it helps to have good company—and many people have found comfort in their pets. And our dogs are just as excited to have us home all the time, too.

It’s even true for celebrities. Recently actress Reese Witherspoon shared an adorable photo of her son cuddling with her pet, and a simple, heartwarming sentiment to help many people get through this hard time:

“At least we have dogs!”


The Oscar-winning actress, known for her starring roles in Legally Blonde, Walk the Line and Sweet Home Alabama, shared the adorable pic of her youngest son Tennessee cuddling with family bulldog Lou.

The photo got over half a million likes on Instagram—people were glad to see a bit of happiness and love with everything going on in the world.

The boy and bulldog seem to have a close relationship: Reese has posted photos of them before, cuddling and getting into mischief.


Lou is one of Reese’s three pet dogs. She has two others named Hank and Pepper.

He’s the newest addition to the family: they adopted him as a puppy last summer.


It’s clear that the dogs are a big part of Reese’s life. Her Instagram is full of photos and videos of her spending time and having fun with the pets.

It’s clear that these dogs will be all Reese and her family need to get through the next few weeks of self-isolation.

We agree with Reese Witherspoon: sometimes a dog is all you need to get through the hard times.

With everything going on we can all use a positive attitude and some cute dog photos! Share this heartwarming story!