Stray dog found emaciated and in rough shape — weeks later he’s made an amazing transformation

Many animals arrive at shelters in terrible shape, sick and emaciated from years of neglect. But with the right love and care, these animals can thrive and live their best lives.

That was the case recently, when one formerly stray dog, who made an incredible transformation since his rescue.

Tommy, a goldendoodle, was found as a stray in rough shape. According to a March 2 Facebook post from Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, he was emaciated, covered in urine, had multiple sores and was “in desperate need of a haircut.”

The rescue pulled him from animal control, and their first step was to get him a much-needed grooming. “We needed to get him cleaned up right away so he could have some sort of relief,” GRRSWF wrote.

His fur was washed, blow dried and cut, and soon Tommy looked like a whole new dog. The rescue said he was a “perfect gentleman” throughout the process.

That makeover was just the beginning of Tommy’s second act. In an inspiring update, the rescue wrote that Tommy has been adopted by a new family!

“What a sweet, loving, cuddly, funny and playful little doggie we inherited,” the family said. “We actually gave him a new name: Coda! We are a musical little family and felt it suited him a little better.”

The family also reported that Coda was “at a healthy weight now” and has gained 14 pounds. He loves playing ball with the family’s two boys and snuggling with his new family.

Photos show the dog now living his best life in his new home — a remarkable difference from just weeks ago.

“He has completed our little family and we are so happy to give him all the love he deserves!”

What a difference a little love can make in the life of a dog. We’re so glad Tommy/Coda has such an amazing home and is making such great progress!

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