7-year-old dog heartbroken after owner surrenders him to shelter: Rescue says they’re “sick and tired”

Having a dog should be a lifetime commitment, but too many people surrender their pets for arbitrary reasons, not caring what happens to them.

When one rescue took in a dog that had been surrendered to a shelter by his longtime owner, they couldn’t hold back their frustrations any longer, writing that they were “sick and tired” of cases like these.

Earlier this month, a male 7-year-old dog was surrendered by his owner to Greenville Animal Control Shelter in Greenville, Texas.

According to a Facebook post, the dog was surrendered because his owner was having a baby, and they would not be “able to give him enough attention.”

The poor dog was upended from the only home he’s ever known, left to an uncertain fate. He faced an uphill battle to be adopted by a new family, and was potentially at risk of being euthanized at the crowded shelter.

However, the local Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue stepped in, paid the $17 adoption fee and took the poor dog into their care.

The rescue could not hold back their frustration at the case, saying there was no excuse for such abandonment. “This is what your dogs face looks like when you have had him for 7 years and then had a baby and now you dispose of him at the shelter,” they wrote on Facebook.

“I always wonder did it make you feel bad while you stood in line? did you look back at him when you walked away, did you see his face asking you what the hell? did you forget about him 5 minutes later? 10 minutes maybe?”

“Was your house so much better now that the dog was gone you can now finally peacefully raise your child? can you tell it makes me angry? I hope so, I hope you are reading this and have at least a tinge of pain.”

They wrote that the dog, now named Rooney, was “suffering from diarrhea and stress,” but was otherwise a sweet and gentle dog.

In updates, they wrote that Rooney was still in isolation and was “nervous trying to come to terms with owners dumping him,” but he was starting to settle in.

Lone Star hopes to find him a new home soon, one that will care for him for life. “You are a senior now but we will find you a home that won’t throw you away again because they had a blip in their life.”

It’s heartbreaking that poor Rooney was surrendered by his owner, but we’re glad he’s in safe hands now and hope he finds a new home soon ๐Ÿ˜ขโค๏ธ

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