Hungry golden retriever puppy devours his food in seconds in viral video

Have you ever watched a competitive eating contest, like the Nathan’s contest where guys eat 74 hot dogs in ten minutes?

It turns out, there’s a puppy who can give them all a run for their money.

Anyone who’s ever eaten in front of a dog knows that they love food and seemingly endless appetite for it. But one dog really loves food, and can woof it down at seemingly record-breaking speeds.

A golden retriever puppy named Mango, from Charlotte, South Carolina, shares an Instagram with his older dog-brother Charlie, @charlieandmango.chs.

There’s a lot of cute pics and photos on there, but one video in particular is going viral after the little dog showed off an impressive skill and massive appetite.

In the video we see Mango patiently waiting for his dinner, his mouth trembling in excitement:

“I get so excited that my mouth quivers,” ‘Mango’ wrote on Instagram. “Please give me all the food.”

Then when the bowl finally hits the ground, Mango instantly devours his meal, wolfing it down in seconds.

Meanwhile, Charlie appears. It’s not clear if he’s hungry too or if he’s just watching in amazement.

Watch the video here:

Apparently Mango just can’t help himself when food is involved: “This is called my ‘mouthy mouth,'” the Instagram post says. “Much like my mom around queso & margaritas, I cannot control myself around food.”

It’s an adorable and impressive thing to see, but some commenters were also concerned about Mango’s health—eating that fast can cause stomach pains in dogs.

But to address the concerns, the post also says that Mango’s “mom” has ordered a maze bowl, a bowl designed to slow down a dog’s eating habits.

It looks like a competitive eating career isn’t in the cards, but it’s for the best. Hopefully this puppy learns to savor his food.

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