Chunky bulldog blows everyone away by acing dog show agility course

Everyone loves a good sports underdog story. It’s why we’re so inspired by movies like Rudy, the true story of an undersized football player following his dream of playing for Notre Dame.

But if you thought that Rudy was inspiring, wait til you see Rudy the bulldog!

Bulldogs aren’t exactly considered the most majestic or athletic of dog breeds. So when Rudy (full name Von Rudolph Augustus Perkins) and his handler Debra Perkins entered the Westminster Masters Agility Championship last year, expectations were surely low.


Indeed, the crowd seemed to be in a lull. The sports commentators were joking around. There was nothing to indicate this would be anything exciting.

But then Rudy took off, and blew everyone away.

“Wow!” the announcers say. “Rudy’s got some motor skills!”


The bulldog sped through the course with amazing agility and speed, leaping over poles and dashing through tunnels and planks.

While he struggled a bit with the weaves, everyone was blown away by his performance.

“Nobody expected this out of a bulldog tonight!” one of the announcers said.

“Nobody ever thought the bulldog would come out the way that Rudy just did,” another commentator agreed.

While he didn’t end up placing in the competition, he still made his breed proud and won everyone’s hearts. The announcers even began to chant “Rudy! Rudy!” after he finished. (We’re tearing up already.)

And his video has over 2.3 million views on YouTube, which is more than most dog champions can claim.


Rudy is the real MVP! Way to prove everyone wrong and become a hero to bulldogs everywhere!

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