Mamma poses proudly with 8 healthy puppies: when owner sees the 9th, he immediately shouts out

There is nothing more magical than witnessing the birth of a newborn. To see their tiny eyes open for the first time and enter the world is indeed a beautiful sight.

The exact same thing applies when a pet is born — it can be as breathtaking!

What’s certain is that a litter of puppies is enough to melt even the hardest hearts.

Mark and Elaine Cooper know that feeling very well.



When Mark and Elaine Coopers’ dog Milly became pregnant, they were both excited and nervous.

It’s amazing to see your pet transformed into a loving mother right before your eyes, and Mark and Elaine were looking very forward to the moment this would happen.

Milly took her new role as a momma dog seriously and immediately began to take care of her new babies, as if she had been doing so for years.


As soon as Milly had fed all her puppies, the Coopers began to carefully inspect each one. All the little chubby puppies seemed to be in good health.

But as they began to examine the last puppy, something immediately caught their eye.

This puppy looked completely different from the others — and Mark and Elaine had never seen anything like it before!

“We were a little shocked, then laughed and thought, ‘Is the puppy alright?'”, Elaine told Inside Edition.


The little puppy, the only female in the gang, was born GREEN! No, it’s not a joke.

However shocking and strange as it sounds, this can actually happen during childbirth. The colorful sweetie was named Fifi, after Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek.

I can’t think of a more suitable name!


Experts believe that the green hue is a result of a light colored puppy being overexposed to a substance called biliverden in the placenta. While extremely unusual, there are previously reported cases of other such dogs, according to The Sun.

Although the color will fade with time, Fifi sure made a real impression when she came into the world!

Have you seen anything like this before?

Note: the cover photo depicts a dog and puppies that are not the dog and puppies described in this story.

This is just more evidence that nature is simply amazing!

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