Beautiful German shepherd is found abandoned on the side of the road in his kennel

Owning a dog is a major responsibility. When you bring a pet home, you need to be ready to take care of them for life. It’s important people know what they’re getting into so they don’t end up abandoning their dogs.

But that was sadly the case for one beautiful German shepherd who was found on the side of the road, abandoned and alone.

A man named Richard Jordan found the dog after spotting a kennel on the side of a Louisiana road.

At first the dog was “skittish” and refused to come out of his crate. After calling local animal services, Richard worked to gain the dog’s trust.

Richard posted about the dog in a local Facebook group, hoping to find some information.

He speculated that the dog had been dumped, but it was also speculated that the dog had been left behind accidentally, possibly from the crate falling from a truck.

The dog just didn’t seem like the kind someone would throw away: Richard described him as a “beautiful, top notch dog.” And upon closer inspection, the dog even had a personalized collar, revealing his name was “Borel.”

Animal services arrived, and soon they discovered that Borel was microchipped. The chip revealed that Borel came from a Dallas area breeder.

Richard reported that the dog is now in the process of being rehomed and that there is a long list of applicants to adopt him.

It isn’t exactly clear how or why Borel ended up on the side of the road, but Richard suspects the dog is a victim of “fad” breeding.

Borel was born on October 19, around the same time the terrorist-fighting dog Conan was making headlines. Richard speculates the story inspired people to buy German shepherds and similar breeds, only to give them up when they became overwhelmed.

“It was well known these dogs are too much for the average person,” Richard wrote. “Well, this scared dog in the woods today … fell victim to this. This is the end result of fad buying.”

Luckily there are many people eager to adopt Borel, and hopefully they’ll find a right match—someone who will care for this incredible dog forever.

It’s a reminder to make a responsible choice when you take in a dog: always do your research and don’t jump on trends. Share this story!