17 dogs left in warehouse with no food or water after flight delay, one dead

When we put animals on board a plane, we put our trust in the staff that they will be safe and taken care of.

But in one shocking story, a group of dogs were found uncared for, left in storage during a delay—a neglect that left one poor dog dead.

According to CBS Chicago, 18 dogs were stopped at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on August 9, after flying in from Amman, Jordan. The dogs reportedly did not have the proper vaccination papers for international travel, and were put in a cargo hold.

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The dogs remained there for days, until police were tipped off and investigated — and found a shocking scene. The dogs were locked in cages in the warehouse, not receiving proper care, food or water.

Sadly, one of the dogs, a black lab, did not survive.

The deceased dog was on his way to a home in Alabama. A woman named Staci Yates bought the dog from a Russian breeder and was having him shipped overseas, and was shocked to hear the conditions her dog had gone through.

“We were never given an explanation,” she told CBS Chicago. “Nobody called. Nobody said this is what happened. All of a sudden they were just released.”

“Something needs to be done. This is ridiculous. These animals don’t deserve that.”

Staci puts the blame on the CDC, whose regulations slowed down the process. But others, including PETA, have charged the cargo company, Alliance Ground International, with the dogs’ mistreatment.

The company was issued two citations for cruelty to animals and neglect. They have denied responsibility, showing CBS receipts for the dogs’ care.

Meanwhile, 17 dogs survived: two are now in the care of animal control, while another agency is caring for the other 15.

What a heartbreaking situation. We hope these dogs are given the care they need, and those responsible face consequences for neglecting these poor animals for so long.

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