Firefighters save cat trapped between walls — grumpy feline doesn’t look happy about it

Firefighters are always there to help out an animal in need. We’ve seen many stories of these heroes stepping up to rescue pets from some pretty tricky places.

While some animals show their gratitude towards their rescuers, others definitely don’t — like one grumpy cat, who doesn’t seem too impressed after being saved by firefighters in a viral photo.

On April 14, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, in England, shared a story about a cat who was found “between a wall and a hard place — literally!”

The cat was reportedly trapped between two walls, and crews from Preston arrived on the scene to save her from the tight squeeze.

After carefully chiselling, they were able to get the cat out safe and sound. However, the rescued kitty didn’t seem too impressed with their rescue operation — she has a hilariously grumpy expression on her face:

The photo went viral, with many people commenting about the cat’s expression.

“The cats face says it all,” one comment reads.

“Think the cat wasn’t too happy to be saved or have its photo taken,” another wrote.

“That cats face is cracking me up, does not look thankful at all.”

“If that cat was a dog, it would be licking the fireman’s face off,” another joked. “The cat is thinking it’s only those gloves that are stopping me chewing his hand off.”

Of course, we all might be a little grumpy if we spent the day trapped between some tight walls. While the cat might not have been the most appreciative rescue, the firefighters were happy to help anyway.

“Cats always like to keep us on our toes,” they wrote on Facebook.

What a funny photo! Thank you to these firefighters for saving this grumpy cat 😸

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