Photographer captures amazing photos of birds by attaching camera to feeder

It’s always an amazing experience to see some colorful, beautiful birds. While there are exotic varieties all over the world, sometimes you can find some gorgeous ones right from your own backyard.

Some people go to great creative lengths to get a perfect view of these birds, like one bird enthusiast who set up a camera on her bird feeder.

The photo project is run by a woman named Lisa, who is known as Ostdrossel on social media.

She moved from German to Michigan in 2012, and was fascinated by the local wildlife in her new country.

“I noticed that the birds here are more colorful and different than in Germany,” Lisa told Bored Panda. “I wanted to share them with my family and started taking photos.”

It can be hard to get a good close-up shot of a bird—many are skittish of humans and fly off when you get too close.

But Lisa found a clever workaround: she attached a hidden camera to her bird feeder, ensuring that the birds would come up close for a perfect shot.

According to her site, the setup includes an action camera with a macro lens placed in a weatherproof box.

Her cameras are motion-activated, so they take photos as soon as a bird shows up for a meal.

Lisa has been able to photograph and video an amazing assortment of bird species, all without leaving her backyard. These are all native birds making their usual migration habits.

“Every day is a new chance to get something special in the yard, be it a scene or an animal,” Lisa said. “I am not hunting for exotics, I try to find the beauty in every day.”

She’s also managed to get some pretty magnificent action shots:

And it’s not just birds—sometimes a squirrel gets in on the action, too.

What started off as a hobby to take photos for her friends and family has turned into a full-time passion project. She now has many followers on social media: her Instagram currently has over 31,000 followers.

Looking at her photos, it’s not hard to see why.

You can follow Lisa for more stunning pics on her Instagram or her website! Share these amazing photos!