Meet the ‘Dracula Parrot,’ the black-and-red bird that’s more gorgeous than scary

We love finding out about new species of birds. There are so many kinds out there, all with beautiful and unique features.

Like one bird, whose gothic color scheme has earned it one spooky nickname, but it’s still a beautiful sight to behold.

Meet Pesquet’s parrot, aka the “Dracula parrot”:


The bird is known for its distinct plumage: black and gray with a red belly. It’s certainly not your typical parrot.

It’s easy to see why it’s known as the Dracula parrot—it’s got a color scheme you’d find on a vampire cloak—but despite the monstrous moniker, this bird is a unique beauty.

Wikimedia Commons / Photo by Greg Hume

The Dracula parrot is native to the mountainous rainforests in New Guinea. According to the World Parrot Trust, they typically grow to about 18 inches long. They are said to have a harsh, rasping, growling call.

They are one of only three species of parrots that have featherless faces, an evolutionary trait developed to avoid their feathers getting matted with fruit pulp.

They’re known to be frugivores, eating almost exclusively a small variety of fruits (so no, they don’t suck blood.)

Wikimedia Commons

The Dracula parrot is certainly a stunning bird, and it’s beautiful plumage has earned admirers everywhere.

Unfortunately, that’s also led to the parrots being targeted by poachers. Their feathers are highly valuable, and hunting has led to them being listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Hopefully this beautiful bird will be protected from endangerment. It’s better to let them live in their native habitat and just enjoy the photos online.

Wikimedia Commons

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