Man wanted to get a better view of hummingbirds — so he attached bird feeders to his glasses

There are so many interesting and beautiful birds in the world that we just want to see them all. It’s a reason that bird watching has become such a popular hobby for many people.

But some people really take it to the next level. Sure, you could just grab a pair of binoculars and hope for the best, but one man had an idea to ensure the birds would come to him, and he’d get a very close-up view.

A man from Lyons, Colorado decided to feed his local hummingbirds last month. But rather than just leaving out a feeder, he decided he wanted to get up close and personal with the birds.

So instead, he attached the feeders to his own glasses:


It’s an idea that seems to crazy to work.

But immediately, the hummingbirds start chirping… and soon they’re buzzing all around the man’s head, ready to get some food.


Five hummingbirds continue to flutter around his head, enjoying their meal.

The man, meanwhile, keeps a hilariously stoic face throughout the whole thing… although you can see a smile crack through a few times.

The video, filmed last month, has now gone viral. While little else is known about this creative bird lover, fans have dubbed him “The Hummingbird Whisperer.”

It’s a crazy idea, but it worked like a charm. We’re glad this guy found a very creative way to be one with nature!

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