Meet the strawberry finch, the bird with a beautiful red plumage

It’s amazing how beautiful birds can be — they are really one of nature’s greatest gits.

Some species of birds are so unique and have such a distinct color that it just leaves you in awe.

That can certainly be said for the red avadavat, better known as the strawberry finch. It’s easy to see where it gets its name: these birds are famous for their striking red plumage, which combined with some white spots make it look like a strawberry:


People online have recently fallen in love with the finch. Social media has been lighting up with photos of the unique bird:

These exotic birds can be found in their native habitat, open fields and grasslands throughout Asia.

Only the male members of the species have the “strawberry” look, and only during mating season, to attract mates.

Wikimedia Commons

According to Beauty of Birds, the strawberry finch is a particularly small species of bird, only about 3-4 inches. They primarily eat grass seeds, as well as insects and worms.

Due to their appearance, they are also a popular cage bird. But while we get why someone would want one of their own, we love the strawberry finch in its native habitat.


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