Moose have the time of their lives running through sprinkler on hot day

It’s the middle of summer, and as temperatures rise all of us are looking for ways to beat the heat.

And it turns out that animals are also looking for ways to cool off — sometimes in the same ways that humans do. Some people have caught animals having summer fun in their own backyards.

That was the case recently, when one woman accidentally gave a family of moose the time of their lives when they entered her backyard.

Emily Stull, from North Spokane, Washington, recently had a family of moose pay a visit to her backyard.


While a wild moose can be a majestic sight, Emily wasn’t thrilled about how the animals were making themselves at home, according to NBC Right Now.

When they started helping themselves to her apples, she decided to try to shoo them away by turning on the sprinklers.

The moose began running — but not in the way she intended. Instead of being scared off, they started playing in the sprinkler!


The young moose start happily dashing through the sprinkler like kids on a hot summer day. While it may have been totally accidental, it did result in some funny footage.

While Emily may have tried to shoo the animals off her property, she inadvertently made their day. And as a plus for her, at least they took a break from eating her apples.

Watch the video below:

It’s not the first time a moose has been seen cooling off with a backyard sprinkler.

In 2019, a woman from Anchorage, Alaska saw a local moose, nicknamed Truck, getting himself wet during a summer heat wave.

“I came home from work to find this handsome guy bathing in our neighbors yard,” she said.

It turns out moose really love sprinklers! Even wild animals need a little cooling off during these hot summer days. Glad to see this family having such a good time.

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