Family of bears go for a swim in man’s pool during heat wave

Summer is here, and it’s a hot one. Many areas have already seen record-breaking temperatures amidst extreme heat waves. Even northern areas, like the Pacific Northwest and Canada, have been experiencing scorching weather.

With heat like this, everyone is just looking to stay safe and cool down however they can โ€” and apparently, that includes the animals, too.

In one funny viral video, a family of bears decided to beat the heat in a very human way: by taking a dip in a swimming pool!


The video was first shared by Lyle Jeffrey, from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, who caught the mother bear and her kids swimming in his backyard pool.

While having bears on your yard can be a startling experience, Lyle seemed to understand they were just trying to cool off. (And on the plus side, they weren’t trying to steal his car.)

“Mama bear and her two cubs coming over for a dip in the pool to cool down during the heat wave!” he wrote.


The bears seem to have a good time. One of the cubs paddles around in the water and even seems to playfully splash his brother, who stays on the ledge and then plays on top of a pool cover.

The mom also dips her paws in the water to cool down, but then when it’s time to go she leads her cubs over the backyard’s fence.

The video has gone widely viral online. It’s not hard to see why โ€” most people have been trying to keep cool just like these bears, so it’s a very relatable moment.

Stay safe and cool this summer, and share this funny video if you love animals!