Man catches a family of bear cubs trying to steal his car

If you live in a rural community there’s a chance you may run into some trouble with bears.

Sometimes they wander from the forest into neighborhoods, and like raccoons and rabbits they like to rummage through your stuff looking for food (and unlike raccoons, they’re huge and powerful, so it’s harder to shoo them away…)


But sometimes it seems that they’re not just after food—they just want to get a taste of human life, like the bear who chugged a few cases of beer from a campsite.

That’s what one man realized when he had a run-in with a family of bears who seemed to just be interested in a ride.

Chad Morris’s relaxing family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee was abruptly interrupted by the sounds of screaming. He went outside to see what the commotion was about.

He discovered that a family of bears had gotten onto their property… and into his car.

The whole bear family—a mama and her cubs—was caught in the act of grand theft auto.

“As soon as I saw them they were walking up to my car and the three cubs hopped in,” Chad told The Dodo

The cubs took control of the vehicle, roaming around the inside of the car, while mama bear stood outside keeping watch.

After a while, the bears apparently had enough of Chad’s car and decided to move on to the next vehicle, but couldn’t quite break into this one.

“They crawled out of the windows and two of them stood up next to my mom and dad’s car, but their windows were up,” Chad said.

Which should really be a lesson on car security. With no more cars to rummage through, the bears called it a day and headed home.

The good news is no one was every in any danger—Chad says the family was able to stand by and take photos and the bears didn’t mind.

The bad news is the cubs did a number on the car.

“They tore a chunk out of the leather on the driver’s seat by the headrest, and left scratches in a few spots on the interior,” Chad told The Dodo. “One bit down into my protein shake top, and my son’s football has claw marks on it.” 

Even so, those are all fixable repairs, and at the end of the day they had an unbelievable story we can all laugh about.

“Is this real life.. tell me we are being punked,” Chad joked, sharing the photos on Facebook.

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