Man looks outside his window and watches a family of moose spend the day in his backyard

Sometimes the most incredible scenes of wildlife can be found in your own backyard. If you’re lucky, sometimes friendly animals pay you a visit.

These sightings have taken on a special meaning in recent months: with so many people confined to their houses and working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s something moving about getting a view of nature from your own window.

That was the case for one man, who looked outside and discovered a moose family had decided to make camp:

Roland Rydstrom, from Anchorage, Alaska, caught the scene and shared the photos on Facebook.

“The view outside my Covid home office is better than yours today,” he joked.

The group consisted of one adult moose and two calfs, who found a nice resting spot on Roland’s lawn, next to his flower pots.

“They arrived a bit before 9 am and except for two quick trips around the neighborhood, they’ve been camped out here all day,” Roland explained.

The moose really enjoyed their stay: the kids seemed to love laying in the sunlight.

While it was an adorable sight, not everything was so peaceful.

Soon, the moose went on a destructive rampage… by knocking over a flower pot!

Roland says that despite the efforts of this “sociopathic, marigold-hating baby moose,” he was able to repair the damage by turning the flower pot upright again.

The photos went viral online—people loved the sight of these adorable moose. Although for Roland, it’s not exactly a rare sighting.

“It’s very, very common to see moose in our backyard as it is on the normal ‘loop’ for the moose who hang out in our neighborhood,” he wrote on Facebook.

Still, even if they do occasionally knock over the flowers, we’d love to have a view like this from our home offices.

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