Woman receives heartfelt note addressed to dog after neighbor hears the dog crying

It can be challenging owning a dog in an apartment building. You’re just a wall apart from your neighbors, and if your dog makes loud noises—as even the best-behaved do from time to time—you could be disturbing their peace and quiet.

Every pet owner dreads getting that note from their neighbors complaining about the noise. But when one woman discovered a note on her door, she realized it was indeed about the noise her dog was making… but what it said left her in tears.

A few months ago, a woman named Maria Luiza Valcazara moved to an apartment in Brazil. Shortly after, she adopted a puppy named Chips, according to The Dodo.

But whenever she had to leave the dog alone, Chips would become anxious and cry out in loneliness.

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Maria hoped the dog’s cries wouldn’t disturb her new neighbors… but her fears came true when she found a note left on her door.

“At the time, I was scared,” Maria told The Dodo. “I wondered who could have left it there at the door, since I had little contact with the people in the building.”

The message also came with a package… and both were addressed not to Maria, but to Chips.

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Maria read the letter. While she was originally expecting to be scolded by her neighbor, it turned out to be quite the opposite: a sympathetic letter from a fellow dog mom.

It was written under the name of Corote, a neighbor’s dog.

Here is what the letter said, translated from the original Portuguese:

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The package contained dog toys for Chips. It was an incredibly moving gesture that left Maria in tears.

“When I started to read the letter, I cried a lot,” Maria told The Dodo. “I concluded that there are still good people in our world. It was a beautiful gesture Nichole made for us.”

Not only was it a heartwarming note, but it led to a real friendship between two neighbors who used to be strangers.

“I took Chips to [Nichole’s] apartment so we could talk and our two dogs could meet,” Maria said. “Nichole offered to help me with Chips whenever I needed it. She gave me some tips she learned from raising Corote.”

Posted by Catioro Reflexivo on Sunday, June 30, 2019

It’s a beautiful story: a simple act of kindness that led to a real friendship. Share this inspiring story!