Golden retrievers are proud new parents, look over their babies in precious viral video

Any parent knows that feeling of immense pride after your child is born. You look at your babies and think, “Wow, I created that.”

It turns out, that feeling is universal—or at least dogs do it, too. That’s what one adorable viral video shows, with two golden retriever parents lovingly looking over their new babies.

The video originated on the Chinese video sharing app Kuaishou by a user named qiyameng, but went viral after being shared by Viral Paws in April.

The footage captures the precious moment between a new mom and dad and their newborn litter of six puppies.

As the babies sleep, the new parents have a quiet moment looking over them with pride:


Then one of the dogs puts his head over the other in a loving moment:


More footage shows one of the new parents cuddling with a newborn…


…and both parents cuddling with the whole litter:


It’s adorable stuff, and surprisingly relatable and human.

It’s the kind of newborn photoshoot most people would love to post on their Facebook pages.


And it clearly struck a chord: the video has over ten million views on YouTube.

It was so successful that they released a sequel on September 4, showing how much the puppies have grown since their breakout hit:

What proud parents and a beautiful family! Share this adorable video!

What a beautiful family. Love that pic of the parents protecting their family.

Goldens are so lovable, but I think all dogs are!