Dog is found tied up in park—a note attached reveals the heartbreaking reason she was abandoned

Owning an animal can be a big expense. Giving your pet the care it deserves requires a time and financial commitment that some people find they can no longer afford.

It’s one of the most unfortunate reasons for someone giving up their pet. When one shelter found a dog this week, a note attached told a heartbreaking story.

On July 26, a pit bull was discovered in Cranbury Park in Norwalk, Connecticut. It was a female pit bull, about 3 years old.

She was tied to a tree, abandoned in the park.

The dog had no microchip or tags to identify the owner. But there was a note attached to the collar from the owner… which revealed a heartbreaking reason for leaving the dog behind:

“Couldn’t afford her. Please help.”

From the handwritten note, it’s clear that the owner didn’t want to part with the dog, Annabell, who they describe as “amazing” and “a sweetheart.”

It also clear that they had been raising the dog well: Annabell is described as being house trained, human friendly and dog friendly, and as having all of her shots.

It’s unfortunate the owner decided to abandon the dog in this way, however, instead of surrendering her to a shelter properly. It is illegal to abandon animals under Connecticut state laws.

And if you are considering giving up your dog due to financial issues, there are other options you can pursue: many shelters, rescues and vets offices will offer aid to people in need. Since the owner is unknown, there is no way to offer help.

But now, Annabell is in the care of Norwalk Animal Shelter and looking for a new home. If you’re in the area and are interested, you can call 203-854-3240.

It’s a very sad story, but hopefully it will have a happy ending with Annabell going to a good new home.