Meet Sasha, the tiny pit bull who chooses to live – against all odds

Not everyone or every animal is born with the same abilities or personalities at birth — some have courage, for example, right from the start.

I’ve always had difficulty holding back the tears when I read about animals who’ve defied the odds and refused to give up, even when their situation has seemed impossible.

This amazing story about a little pit bull puppy named Sasha is no exception. Read it and this miracle puppy’s fighting spirit will surely capture your heart.

Image Source: SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast

Sasha the pit bull was born in September. And she’s been fighting for her life since day one.

Sasha was born with a cleft palate, a condition that leaves her upper lip split in two. As a result, she’s never been able to nurse.

To get Sasha the help she needed, her owner contacted SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast, which helps dogs with special needs.

Image Source: SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast

“He brought her to my house and she was so tiny and fragile,” Courtney Bellew from SNARR told The Dodo.

Courtney, who has encountered dogs with similar problems before, immediately realized Sasha would have to be bottle fed.

And to give Sasha a fighting chance of survival, she contacted a nurse practitioner called Marie DeMacro.

Marie, who has taken in vulnerable newborn animals before, promised to do her best to save Sasha. But she and Courtney both understood that the situation was dire.

In fact, Sasha’s cleft palate was just the beginning of her health problems.

Image Source: FURRR 911

The tiny puppy, who only weighed 11 ounces, had a head that was disproportionately large compared to her body. And it turned out she had hydrocephalus — or water on the brain, which makes Sasha’s brain just a third of the size of the brains of her siblings.

Unfortunately, Sasha problems didn’t stop there. She had problems with her joints and she also developed a number of infections that, among other things, affected her breathing.

But just when Sasha’s situation seemed to be at its be darkest, she surprised everyone… by not giving up.

“She has an amazing will and determination,” Marie says.

Image Source: FURRR 911

Three months later, Sasha continues to fight. She’s not big enough to undergo surgery, which would help her eat by herself and help her body grow into proportion with her head.

Even though Sasha is a little slower than other puppies, she seems happy. And above all, it’s clear she’s getting a lot of love both from her human caretaker and the animals in her life.

Image Source: FURRR 911

Marie feeds Sasha every 3-4 hours during the day and every five hours at night so they can sleep.

In order to keep Sasha warm, Marie dresses her in sweaters, which the puppy doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Image Source: FURRR 911

But it’s clear that all the effort is appreciated. Every time Maria feeds Sasha, the puppy shows her appreciation by giving her love and appreciation.

“When I hold her and I’m kissing her, if I hold her near my face, she licks my nose,” says DeMarco.

Image Source: FURRR 911

So far, it’s hard to say what Sasha’s future holds, but Marie is hopeful that one day she’ll be a healthy adult dog.

To see the lovable pit bull keep fighting every day despite the fact that she’s going up against dismal odds, makes it worth all the effort, Marie says.

Marie calls Sasha her miracle puppy, and it’s not hard to understand why. Share if you agree!

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