Woman adopts elderly shelter dog with the same name and appearance of her dog who just died

Woman adopts elderly shelter dog with the same name and appearance of her dog who just died

Sometimes animals come into our lives—and we come into theirs—at just the perfect time.

That was the case for one woman who had took one look at a rescue dog and new it was destiny for both of them.


Bear is a 13-year-old lab mix, who sadly found himself surrendered to a shelter recently after his owner passed away.

He stayed with the SPCA in Danville, Pennsylvania, who set out to try to find the sweet old dog a new home.

“This gentle frosted face lab is as easygoing as they get,” the shelter wrote. “He is very mellow and just likes to lay beside you and soak in all the attention.”

It is usually much more difficult for an older dog to get adopted, and the SPCA was concerned that Bear would sadly be spending “the rest of his days” in a shelter.

But they emphasized that despite his age, Bear was still active and playful.

“Despite being 13 years old, Bear is in remarkable shape and able to move around in a steady slow pace,” they wrote. “He loves going on strolls and smelling all the smells. He gets along with everybody including dogs, cats, and kids.”

Bear’s photos went around online, and many people reached out and expressed interest in fostering.

But amazingly, it didn’t take long for Bear to find a forever home, thanks to an unlikely twist of fate.

A woman saw a photo of Bear online, and was struck by him… and how he bore an uncanny resemblance to her former dog, who she had just recently put down.

And in a stunning coincidence, that dog’s name was also Bear.

Knowing it was meant to be, she went to the SPCA and adopted him, ensuring that this Bear would spend the rest of his days in a very loving home.

“Thank you to all who shared his story and helped this match made in heaven!” the SPCA wrote.

Both the woman and the dog found someone to care for after losing their loved one. Many people online were inspired by the twist of fate.

“I truly believe your first Bear sent this second Bear to you!” one commenter wrote.

This story shows that everything happens for a reason. Thank you to this woman adopting this dog! We know they’ll be very happy together!

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