A dog showed up on a woman’s lawn — then she discovered it was her old foster puppy

Dog’s really are man’s best friend. When we care for dogs we form a special bond with them that can last a lifetime, and they’ll remember us even after years apart.

That’s what one woman’s viral Twitter story proves, in which she had a remarkable chance encounter with an old friend that changed her whole perspective.

In October, a journalist named Kate Howard was at home, relaxing on her front porch after returning from a friend’s memorial service.

All of a sudden, a dog came and plopped down on her lawn in front of her.


Something about the dog caught Kate’s attention and struck her as remarkable… and the dog was similarly entranced.

“All dogs are perfect but she was particular charming,” Kate wrote on Twitter. “Her owner was trying to get her rolling again but she was staying put.”

Then, she heard the dog’s owner shout her name: “Winnie!” Suddenly, everything clicked.

She actually knew the dog—she had been her foster mother about a year ago.

“Last November, I fostered a dog for the first time over Thanksgiving,” Kate wrote. “She was a soft wiggly baby puppy I named Winnie.”

While like all fostering positions it was a temporary arrangement, she had grown attached to the dog and found it hard to give her up: “I cried for three days after she was spayed and went up for adoption, worrying about whether she had found a good home.”


Now, by some remarkable coincidence, Winnie had found her way back to her. Kate had moved a few months ago, and by some chance, she was actually just a block away from the home that adopted Winnie.

After being initially worried about where Winnie would go, Kate was relieved to see she ended up in such a loving, devoted home.

“It turns out Winnie’s mom had recently lost a dog,” Kate explained. “When saw Winnie’s precious face on the Animal Services web site, she got to the adoption site EARLY, intent on making sure she was first in line to adopt her when she became available.”


“It was beyond comforting for my first foster dog to turn up on my front lawn today, her fur still soft and her ear still crooked and her tail still wagging,” Kate wrote.

Not only was she thrilled to see the dog was doing so well, but the whole experience inspired her to return to fostering dogs.

“I was SO sad after I brought Winnie back that I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for fostering,” she wrote. “But seeing her yesterday made me think maybe I can give it another shot.”

Fostering really is an invaluable service that helps animals adjust and find great new forever homes, and it’s great to see that Kate is going to give it a second chance.

As for her and her old foster dog, it sounds like they won’t be strangers: “Her mama agreed to come by in the future so I can see her,” Kate wrote.

It’s the kind of story that makes you believe in fate. The universe brought these two together again for a reason.

It’s a reminder of the powerful, lifelong bond between dogs and people, and the real impact a foster parent can have!

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