Three rescue puppies visit concert, get adopted by Tyler Childers’ road crew

Music stars and their touring crews often have a lot of wild and interesting stories from the road, but one recent story is just plain wholesome.

When Grammy-nominated country star Tyler Childers played a show in Chicago, he was joined by some rescue pups — who made a life-changing impression on some of his tour team, leading to a very happy ending.

Three puppies at a shelter in West Texas were placed on the euthanasia list due to lack of space and slow adoptions.

But thankfully, Chicago-based animal shelter One Tail at a Time got word of the situation and took them in, according to a Facebook post from the organization.

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Facebook/One Tail at a Time

Saved from nearly being put down and transported up to Chicago, the puppies soon got a special treat: they were invited to see Tyler Childers and S.G. Goodman at the United Center.

Childers is a 7-time Grammy Award nominated country star, known for songs like “All Your’n” and “In Your Love.”

CLARKSTON, MICHIGAN – JUNE 11: Tyler Childers performs in support of his “Mule Pull Tour 24” at Pine Knob Music Theatre on June 11, 2024 in Clarkston, Michigan. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Not only did the puppies get a day out, they were also there to bring some joy to Childers’ crew.

“Their goal was to give the hard working road crew a little bit of levity and love,” One Tail at a Time wrote.

The crew bonded with the three rescue pups — and the visit led to a very special connection and an unexpected outcome: all three puppies were adopted by crew members!

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Facebook/One Tail at a Time

“Congrats to Tyler an Larry, Kyle and Cheryl, and Suzanne and Ted. We couldn’t be happier for these little road dogs!” One Tail at a Time wrote.

“It truly takes a village to change their lives!”

You never know what will happen on tour, and there have been other stories of musicians playing a gig and then unexpectedly going home with a puppy — like Meat Loaf and Carrie Underwood.

What an amazing turnaround for these puppies — they were nearly euthanized, and now they’ve all been adopted by Tyler Childers’ crew! Thank you to everyone who helped make these heartwarming adoptions possible!

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