Meat Loaf saved a puppy while on tour after finding it in a dumpster

Who doesn’t love Meat Loaf? For a generation that grew up with Bat Out of Hell, there’s nothing like the memories of driving around listening to “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” or belting out “I’d Do Anything for Love” at karaoke.

But the late megastar musician, who passed away in 2022, did much more than record hit singles — one time, he helped save a life.

You see a lot of crazy things on the road as a rock star, but while touring with his band in 2015, Meat Loaf saw something shocking.

At a rehearsal for a show in New Mexico, the band found a puppy abandoned in a dumpster.


So the crew took her out of the dumpster and rescued her, saving her life and giving her the care she needed.

They took her to the vet to restore her health, but also gave this poor puppy a treat many classic rock fans dream of: she got to tour with the band.

Meat Loaf joked on Facebook that the puppy was “adjusting to life on the road,” and posted photos of her chilling in the star’s lap, posing with the guitars, and posing with the band on stage.

Alas, the rock star life isn’t meant for a young puppy: while they grew to love her, Meat Loaf and the crew knew they had to find her a forever home.

But it sounds like this puppy ended up in the perfect place:

“We’ll miss her but she’s on her way to her new momma and sisters and a big ole ranch to run around,” Meat Loaf wrote.

While the puppy may be gone, she’ll always be a part of the band:

“We’re even more excited that she’s staying a part of the extended Meat Loaf family forever!!!” Meat Loaf wrote.

What a story! Meat Loaf has sadly since passed away, but we’ll remember him both for his music and his kindness to animals.

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