Poor dog lost both her owners to COVID-19 — now she’s looking for a new home

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a massive impact on every part of society, including on animal shelters. Many have seen an increase in adoptions, while a few dogs have been abandoned out of fears they will spread the coronavirus.

COVID-19 has also taken thousands of lives, and leaving many pets without owners. That was the case for one poor dog, who lost both her owners to the disease and is now in need of a new home.

Dennis Traverso, 79, died from the coronavirus on April 4, and just a week later his brother, 73-year-old James “Cricket” Traverso, also died from the disease.

“These were tireless, self-made men that worked labor jobs their whole life,” family member Denise Traverso told Good Morning America. “They’re heroes… they were not formally educated, but were two of the most intelligent men I know.”

It was especially sad for their 9-year-old dog, Che-Che. With no one to care for the dog, she was put in the care of the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.

Update 4/27/20We want to thank everyone who has supported Che-Che finding a new home! We’re happy to report she’s been…

Posted by Monmouth County SPCA on Monday, April 13, 2020

“Che-Che was scared and shaking when she arrived – we can’t imagine what it’s like for a dog like her to suddenly lose everything she’s ever known and then end up in an unfamiliar place,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

But with a little love, the shelter made her feel calm. They gave her a bubble bath, and got her the veterinary care and vaccinations she needed.

Che-Che will soon be put up for adoption. Her story has gone viral, and they’ve received hundreds of applications, but the SPCA is working hard to find her just the right home, even on a limited staff.

Che-Che is best suited for a single-person family, and they are looking for a family in-state. Applications are being reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We hope that Che-Che finds a good home soon… but sadly, the shelter fears that, in these dark times, she won’t be the only case like this.

“Unfortunately, Che-Che is the first of many animals that we anticipate needing a safe haven in these uncertain times,” the shelter wrote.

With shelters working with a limited staff and pets losing their owners to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to support your local shelter, and remember to “adopt don’t shop.”

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