Animal shelter clears shelves, finds homes for every adoptable pet during coronavirus

Animal shelter clears shelves, finds homes for every adoptable pet during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted business operations around the world, and animal shelters are no exception.

Because of social distancing regulations, all of these shelters are operating with minimal staff, and they’ve been making an extra push to get all their animals adopted as soon as possible.

Amazingly, people have been stepping up to help. Perhaps because people have taken the opportunity to get a furry friend to pass the time with.

Many shelters have seen a miraculous increase in adoptions and fosters… including Chicago Animal Care and Control, who recently announced some stunning news: all of their adoptable animals had found homes!

Many shelters make an effort to “clear the shelves,” but few actually see it become a reality.

“Yep, you read that right, we are out of adoptable animals!” Chicago Animal Care wrote on Facebook. “It’s something we’ve never thought we’d say…and we’re so happy to bring you this news.”

The shelter made an extra effort to find their pets homes, including waiving adoption fees through the end of April, and finding foster homes and transfers.

Many people stepped up: “We have been amazed at the outpouring of people wanting to help during this time,” they wrote.

Of course, that doesn’t mean their work is complete, or that the shelter is empty.

There are still animals in their care not yet available for adoption, including 51 dogs, 6 cats and 2 roosters.

“The animals currently in the shelter are on hold for various reasons including the stray waiting period, rabies observation, or they are waiting for their owners to pick them up,” the shelter explained.

And as always, there are new animals being dropped off at the shelter, and they are still looking for continued support from their community.

But this is great news, and is a testament to both the hard work the shelter does to care for their animals, and the kindness of their community for answering the call.

Congrats to this shelter, we’re so happy all these animals are in good care!

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