No more pets: California shelter runs out of adoptable animals

All over the country an interesting trend has begun to take shape, animal shelters have started to clear out. And no, I’m not talking about the fact that for the most part people are no longer allowed inside animal shelters. I mean the animals have been cleared out of the shelters.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many states have reported an uptick in the number of adoptions and fosters.

And it only makes sense.

“I live alone and thought having a cat around would make it less lonely,” Rebekah Appleton, who is fostering a cat in North Carolina, told The Daily Tar Heel. “The best part is having something to keep my mind off of everything going on right now. It can be overwhelming and it’s nice to have another living thing for comfort.”


The latest shelter to clear out their animals is Riverside County Animal Services in California.

In a video posted to their Facebook, one worker thanks the community for stepping up and giving all of the animals a home during the ongoing crisis.

“Right now at our facility we have no animals for adoption,” the staff member said.

She was quick to point out that while on April 8, the shelter did not have any available animals, it didn’t mean that it didn’t mean they wouldn’t have any animals the next day or the day after that, but it was extremely encouraging news.

“Please let us help you help keep animals in your home rather than bringing them in to the shelter.”

If you want to adopt or foster an animal, please contact your local animal shelter.

This is such great news. I’m glad there’s some good coming out of such a terrible situation.