Dog is abandoned by owner, wrongly believing she might spread COVID-19

Dog is abandoned by owner, wrongly believing she might spread COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted all of our lives, and it’s also had many effects on animals, from pets to wildlife.

Some of these effects have been positive: elephants have been freed from giving rides, goats are enjoying a human-free world, and many shelters have seen an increase in adoptions.

But misinformation about the pandemic has also led to a harmful panic: there have been reports of people trying to euthanize their dogs out of fear that they will spread the coronavirus to them. While some animals have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, there is zero evidence they can spread COVID-19 to humans.

Sadly, that didn’t stop one family from abandoning their dog out of fear.

Last month a dog named Daisy was found out on the street, scared and alone.

Daisy was taken to Cape Coral Animal shelter. She was microchipped, so they had no problem tracking down the owner.

But when they reached out to the man, they realized the horrible truth: Daisy had been abandoned, and it was because the owner thought she could spread COVID-19 to him.

Despite their efforts to convince him this was not true, he wouldn’t budge and signed the dog over to their care.

While Daisy remained in good spirits despite everything, the shelter was frightened by the implication, afraid that more people might abandon their pets out of fear.

Calling Daisy a “victim of our times,” they shared her story and cautioned people not to give in to panic.

“Those of us in rescue are very worried about the effect this pandemic is going to have on the animals in so many ways,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “It keeps us up at night.”

Luckily, it looks like Daisy already has a home, according to a reply to the post, calling her “very affectionate and full of love,” and that “her heart is open to a new family, a new life.”

While we’re happy everything worked out for Daisy in the end, but we hope no other dog has to go through this.

These are difficult, confusing times, but it is hugely important to stay informed and not fall for misinformation. Share this story to spread the word!