Owner arrives home with brand new puppy – older dog’s reaction is causing hearts to melt

I will never forget the wonderful feeling I had when I set eyes on our first dog. It was a little black shabby ball of fur with beautiful eyes and a wet nose.

Slowly she moved toward me and sat on the floor; it was love at first sight.

This story is all about a similar reaction, only this time focusing on a Golden Retriever dog called Lulu. She’s always loved to chew in bed, play with her dog toys, eat and sleep. But, as she got older, her family felt she needed a playmate, so decided a new puppy could be a welcome addition.

After a couple of family conversations, they went out to find a new friend for Lulu. Then, after they found the perfect playmate, Lulu’s doggy mommy walked through the door carrying a brown paper bag. Lulu’s tail immediately started wagging.

Lulu, Golden retriver

In the video, Lulu can be seen spotting first the bag and then the puppy’s head peering out. Seconds later, she is overcome with excitement.

She starts doing circles in her excitement, and even rolls onto her back; so happy she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Her doggy daddy has to get her to calm down so as not to scare the poor puppy. It’s pure joy this dog is experiencing, and I’m so thankful such a wonderful scene was recorded.

Lulu, golden retriver

Pure happiness

Lulu is clearly a very obedient dog and sits waiting patiently for her doggy mommy to get her new friend out the bag. You can tell she’s bursting with excitement.

The new addition is clearly a little nervous at this big bundle all over her as Lulu tries to be as careful and not kill her with kindness.

It took a moment of sniffing and doggy greetings, but after a while, new puppy Benson also understood that he was meeting his future best friend!

Watch the moment these two adorable animals meet for the first time in the video below.

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