Monsters abused, neglected and left this unique dog to die alone

The Ibizan Hound is one of the world’s most unique dogs.

With clean-cut lines, large prick ears and light pigment it one of those breeds with a unique appearance.

The breed is one of the oldest dogs, considered a primitive type of dog because of their features.

Dogs found in Egypt around 3400 BC resemble the Ibizan Hound and some people believe that the dogs were taken to the island of Ibiza and other islands off the coast of Spain around 700-900 BC.

Often called “Beezers” these dogs are are playful, polite, and quiet.

It is said that the dogs will even blush when they get excited. They are fast learners and very trainable – if you treat them right and with respect.

Unfortunately, it seems that all owners are not capable of doing so.


Sadly, some people (or monsters) have no respect for the great history and majesty of these animals.

Just take this heartbreaking story, as an example.

In 2013, Queen, an Ibizan Hound was owned by some hunters in Spain.

She always did what they wanted. But when she became too sick to hunt for them – they just left her in a field to die. She was discarded, like an old rag.

When Viktor Larkhill from the organization ”Let’s Adopt!” saw her, Queen couldn’t stand up.

Queen was brought to Viktor by a small group of rescuers that felt couldn’t do anything for her.

She was rushed to an animal clinic, and they began treatment.

They started performing a full range of tests, from scratch, real detective work to find out what had reduced her to this pitiful state.

It didn’t take them long to realize the hunters had practically worked Queen to death.

The hunters used her, worked her to death and when she fell sick they dumped her on the fields to die…

Queen was in the last stages of a neurological disorder that causes weakness and pain. She had an extremely high level of Leishmania that at the last stage has developed into Polyneuropathy.

The disorder can be brought on by deficiencies in nutrition or other disorders.

Despite her predicament, Queen was in good spirits and was very hungry.

”I’m confident with the right treatment, and lots of time and patience we can save her life”, Viktor wrote.

However, the treatment would be hard, difficult and extremely long.

”Before Queen arrived to us two vets suggested euthanasia… we intend to show them, and everyone that there is another way to deal with a case like Queen… a harder way perhaps, but the right way”, said Viktor.

I have so much respect to the people who dedicate their time and effort to rescuing these neglected, maltreated, malnourished beings.

If we could all help out a little bit, the world would be a a better place. If we could legally eradicate, hunt the foul and inhumane individuals who maltreat these animals it would be even better! 

Sadly, despite their best efforts, Queen passed away peacefully on February 10 2013.

GOD BLESS YOU QUEEN – Share this story to keep her memory alive!