Heroic shelter dog saves rescue volunteer from being kidnapped

Dogs are amazing animals who can sense danger and protect people when they need help.

And one story proves that even shelter dogs can step up to be heroes, after one dog saved some rescue volunteers from serious danger.

The Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a nonprofit in La Vergne, Tennessee, operates on the kindness of many young volunteers, but recently they’ve been subjected to some disturbing attention.

“Nothing has really changed on the surface, but for some reason over the past year our female volunteers have been the subject of harassment,” rescue founder Jean Harrison told News Channel 9. “Its been sexual in nature and all targeted towards females.”

The situation took a dark new turn last month. One female volunteer was walking a Great Pyrenees named Jepson, when suddenly the dog started going “berserk.”

Alarmed, the young woman turned around and realized what he was barking at: two men had exited a white van and were coming towards her.

Andreas Zerndl / Shutterstock.com

Jepson shouted barks at the men, and the volunteer had to hold him back as he tried to fend them off.

The men were scared off by the dog and retreated to the van. The young woman realized that she had just been in danger of being kidnapped… and that Jepson had saved her.

The shelter described the incident as “disturbing on so many levels,” raising concerns for the volunteers’ safety and prompting a fundraiser to move to a safer neighborhood.

But they’re also just grateful that Jepson was there to save the day.

“Had she not been walking a Great Pyrenees who decided these men definitely constituted a threat and had that Great Pyrenees not kept them at bay, we could have been national news,” Jean Harrison said.

Jepson has come a long way in life: the 4-year-old dog was rescued with his siblings from a hoarder, and was first found with severe mange:


He’s greatly improved, and clearly proven his worth… and yet, Jepson still does not have a home of his own.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue says they are looking for someone to either foster or adopt Jepson.

“Jepson is a very good boy,” the shelter wrote. “He is good with people unless you are a criminal and he is good with dogs and cats.”

His siblings are also looking for good homes. They are all located in Nashville.


What a hero! It’s sad this great dog still doesn’t have his own home!

If you’re in the Nashville area and are looking to take in a dog, contact Big Fluffy Dog Rescue!

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