Goofy rescue dog proves to be a hero by saving girls from kidnapper break-in

It’s always a great idea to rescue a dog, because they’ll be your loyal friend forever. Rescues always seem to know that you’ve saved them, and find ways of repaying your kindness.

That’s the case for one family dog named Edgar, who might not look like much but proved to be a life-saving hero during one frightening night.

Edgar was adopted by the Lambert family of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. He’s a coon hound, originally from West Virginia, and the family says that because there are so many of his breed there it wasn’t likely he’d ever be adopted.


But something made Edgar stand out to them. “He stood out incredibly,” Thom Lambert told Inside Edition. “She said she just felt drawn to him.”

The family—Thom, his wife Melissa, and their three young daughters—loved Edgar, even though they’d be the first to admit he’s not the brightest dog around.

“He’s a complete idiot,” Thom joked. “He’s just goofy… He just runs around the neighborhood. We can’t keep him in our yard.”


But while this goofy dog may not seem like all that, he soon proved his worth in a huge way.

Thom and his wife were awakened by the dog at 3:45 am one night last year by the sound of Edgar making noises like they had never heard.

“Edgar was just absolutely losing his mind,” Thom said. “He was braying. It was the meanest sound I’ve ever heard him make.”


But soon, they realized why the dog was barking: there was an intruder in the house. Thom could hear footsteps in their kitchen and went to investigate.

“I saw the front door was hanging wide open,” Thom recalled. “I knew I had dead-bolted it. The window in the kitchen was open… So he had gotten in there.”


The intruder had fled the home… but soon, they realized just how dangerous a situation they were in.

Two days after the break-in, police arrested a man named Thomas Dewald, who had kidnapped a 4-year-old girl and locked her in his home.


When that girl escaped, Dewald scoped neighborhood houses for other girls to take… including the Lambert home, where their three daughters, between the ages of three and eight at the time, were sleeping.

Dewald later confessed to breaking into the home… and said he was scared off by Edgar.

No one could believe it, but it was their goofy rescue dog who saved the girls from being kidnapped.

“Without Edgar genuinely who knows where our daughter’s would be right now,” Thom told FOX 43. “Our family was one hundred percent rescued by our dog that we rescued.”


He says all the neighbors have been bringing him treats and steaks. Edgar might go back to his goofy old self, but his owners will always remember how he saved the day.

“Now we’ve got a story to tell forever,” Thom told Inside Edition. “Hero dog.”

It’s a story that shows how incredibly intelligent dogs can be. Adopting a rescue dog proved to be the best decision this family ever made.

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