Rescued cat shows her love by bringing her owner her slippers every morning

Rescued cat shows her love by bringing her owner her slippers every morning

Every shelter animal is longing for someone to adopt them, and when somebody finally comes along to give them a forever home, it really makes their dreams come true.

It’s one of the many reasons to rescue a pet: they’ll always be loyal to you, eager to repay your kindness with their love. There are many stories of rescue animals being amazingly protective of their new families.

Like one cat, who found an adorable way to show her owner some appreciation every morning.

Two years ago, a cat named Lulu was adopted from a shelter, and ever since then she’s greeted her new pet mom with a gift: her slippers!

Some cats give their owners “gifts” like birds and mice, but Lulu knows what her mom really wants in the morning.

Lulu makes two trips to bring the slippers to her owner in a surprisingly sweet gesture that’s always appreciated.

“My mom was surprised [the first time it happened],” the woman’s daughter Kayla told The Dodo. “She wore the drool-covered slippers to encourage Lulu.”

“I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera finally,” she wrote on Instagram.

Kayla set up an Instagram for her mom’s cat, dubbing her “Lulu the Slipper Cat,” sharing her adorable morning routine with the world.

For this family, it’s clear that Lulu’s slipper routine is a gesture of love, a way of thanking her new owner for giving her a home.

“It really seems like she just want to take care of my mom, since my mom takes such good care of her,” Kayla said.

What an amazing cat—it shows how much rescue pets really do love their owners.

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